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ClearWork project will provide a rapid develop suits, the main components of it are information management, project code generation, access control, workflow management, report and chart design. We want to help small and medium-sized enterprise building their information systems rapidly and cost less in China.

The project will integrate and extend some other open source projects to implement its functions, such as jBPM for workflow, Axis2 for SOA, jFreeChart and jFreeReport for BI, Quartz for task dispatching and so on...

ClearWork's idiosyncrasy will be easy, practical, and more useful for helping small and medium-sized enterprise in China quickly building information system. Most of small companies supplied enterprise application in China are lack of technology skills, and most of open source products are sometimes difficult for them cause of the language gap, thus they can't quick start their project. ClearWork will provide a native way to give them documents, easy samples and encapsulation tools in bilingualism.

The team members of ClearWork are all expert in Enterprise Application fields and with strong hand-on experience. They come from several famous IT companies, such as UFIDA, TIBCO and China Telecom. All of them love programming and software engineering. In fact, the ClearWork's prototype is already used in some companies' projects, so we will integrate these features at first.

We plan to provide a web module as sample, which is a web application for a travel bureau in China; I think it will be interesting for our community.

The project will use Eclipse, Java, Ant, and SVN is preferred for version control.


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ClearWork released its first version.
Please try clearwork and let us know your feeling.


ClearWork official website opens

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